Maine dating laws

And since it would seem that in this case the parents are not approving of this relationship, the adult can expect a criminal record or a a restraining order if he/she is not careful. Now I'm not saying all adults can't figure it out, all I'm saying is minors should decide who they date.Carl A Retired Nor Cal Cop Sergeant "Make mine a double mocha ... " Seek justice, Love mercy, Walk humbly with your God -- Courageous, by Casting Crowns ... One last thing thats just an opinion, and has little to do with helping your problem.Word of the law's passage quickly spread elsewhere in the nation, and by 1855 twelve states had joined Maine in total prohibition.

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If he does not fit in the first catagory, it would be legal. Yes, if mom says no, then it is no and if there is a restraining order, he could be charged for violating the order.

Not everything boils down to sex, despite the fact that scociety has deemed love irrelevant, some of us want love not just meaningless sex. As for the laws they probably state you cant be with her, although i haven't even a notion about what they say.

Why is it a 16 year old and 19 year old can't have a relationship?

I know people who are married and ten years apart (quite a few actually) and they are happily married.

My own parents are about 5 years apart and they aren't devorced.