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Page 2 - A Closer Look, Test System The OCZ RD400A 512GB looks nothing like your traditional Serial ATA solid state drive, and this is because it is not your traditional solid state drive.

It is not like the OCZ Revo Drive 350 480GB either.

Compatible Enterprise Products: Deneva 2, Saber 1000, Intrepid 3600/3700/3800, Z-Drive R4, Z-Drive 4500, Z-Drive 6000/6300, ZD6000/6300.

For more detailed information about our limitation of warranty for the Advanced Warranty Program see our Advanced Limited Warranty Agreement.

The actual SSD can be physically detached from the adapter board, which you can see in the following photo.

If you have no need for the adapter board, such as if you have a Z170 motherboard or a compatible laptop, you can buy the OCZ RD400 only without the add-in board instead for about less at press time.

Sure, they are both PCI Express cards on the surface, but the nature of the products are fundamentally different.

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The NAND, controller, and firmware are all baked in-house.

In addition, it is worth noting that this particular adapter is the first we've used that does not incur a performance hit.

In fact, we tried the RD400 with and without the adapter and it ran slightly better with the adapter.

The drives will be sold as PCIe add-in cards or standalone gum-stick drives, with capacities ranging from 128GB on up to 1TB.

Peak sequential bandwidth ranges from 2.2GB/s on the 128GB drive on up to 2.6GB/s on the larger capacities.