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Thomas Beckett (1118 – 1170) Archbishop of Canterbury during the time of Henry II.

Initially a friend of Henry II, his opposition to King Henry II as Archbishop of Canterbury made him an opponent of the King.

Initially successful, her army of 100,000 sacked Colchester and then London. Robin Hood (early medieval England) A legendary figure who owes as much to popular fiction as historical accuracy.

Considered by legend to be a heroic outlaw based around the Forest of Sherwood, near Nottingham, during the reign of Richard III.

We ranked historical figures just as Google ranks web pages, by integrating a diverse set of measurements about their reputation into a single consensus value. Historically significant figures leave statistical evidence of their presence behind, if one knows where to look for it, and we used several data sources to fuel our ranking algorithms, including Wikipedia, scanned books and Google n-grams.This album became their best selling work and featured the now iconic image of the zebra crossing just outside the studios on the front cover.Today, tourists typically come here to create their own Abbey Road album cover.There are two things that make this film one of the best made in the last few years- characters and music.I am personally not a big fan of 70s music, but it is used very well in this film, most of my favourite scenes are made all the more memorable by the music, which includes America (Simon & Garfunkel), Tiny Dancer, Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters (both Elton John), River (Joni Mitchell) Paranoid (Black Sabbath) and Feel Flows (The Beach Boys) Most of the actors and actresses in this film give the performance of their lives, Frances Mc Dormand being especially comical as William's mother, and many of the best moments are all hers.