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Tomb of Dona Ines in Alcobaca Monastery in Portugal. But at its peak, there were almost 1000 monks in the Monastery. Water basin in the Monastery of Alcobaca, Portugal. The Monastery of Batalha is made up of ochre tinged limestone. I could have stared at the intricately carved windows and doorway for hours. It was very ornate with paintings, frescoes, and gilded accents.

No wonder there were seven dormitories and a library on site. w=262&h=328&crop&ssl=1" width="262" height="328" data-original-width="262" data-original-height="328" itemprop=" title="Ktichen-in-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="A large kitchen in the Monastery of Alcobaca in Alcobaca, Portugal." style="width: 262px; height: 328px;"/ Catch basin in the kitchen of Alcobaca Monastery usually had fish that had come directly from the waters of the surrounding area. Surprisingly at first glance, the Monastery of Batalha looked very similar to the Monastery of Alcobaca. w=396&h=594&crop&ssl=1" width="396" height="594" data-original-width="396" data-original-height="594" itemprop=" title="Tomb-in-Batalha-Portugal" alt="Tomb inside the Founder's Chapel of the Monastery of Batalha, Portugal." style="width: 396px; height: 594px;"/ The Royal Cloisters were originally gothic designed in Gothic style by Afonso Domingues in the late 1380s. Exterior of the Templar Church in the Convent of Christ, in Tomar, Portugal.

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In the heart of Portugal, north of Lisbon lies the Estremadura and Ribatejo regions. w=121&h=181&crop&ssl=1" width="121" height="181" data-original-width="121" data-original-height="181" itemprop=" title="Washing-Cloister-in-the-Knights-Templar-Castle-in-Tomar-Portugal" alt="Washing Cloister in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal." style="width: 121px; height: 181px;"/ Hidden staircases were located at the cornesr of cloister in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal to allow access to the upper terraces. Built in 1160, the former royal quarters now lay in ruins. The Keep and castle walls of the Templar Castle in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal.

The area is known for having historical villages, fertile farmland and of course, castles! w=796&h=531&crop&ssl=1" width="796" height="531" data-original-width="796" data-original-height="531" itemprop=" title="Monastery-in-Batalha-Portugal" alt="The impeccably manicured gardens.

The prime reason for our visit was to ooh and ahh at the town’s magnificent gothic monastery, the aptly named Alcobaca Monastery or Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Alcobaca. Upon entering the church the first thing I noticed were the very large pillars that lined the nave. w=396&h=594&crop&ssl=1" width="396" height="594" data-original-width="396" data-original-height="594" itemprop=" title="Nave-in-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="Long and narrow vaulted nave of Alcobaca Monastery in Portugal." style="width: 396px; height: 594px;"/ The detailed sacristy entrance at the Monastery of Alcobaca. The love story of Dom Pedro and Dona Ines is a tragic one. w=489&h=379&crop&ssl=1" width="489" height="379" data-original-width="489" data-original-height="379" itemprop=" title="Tombs-in-Alcobaca-Portugal2" alt="Tomb of Dom Pedro in Alcobaca Monastery in Portugal." style="width: 489px; height: 379px;"/ The tombs were every bit as intricately carved as I had read. w=432&h=540&crop&ssl=1" width="432" height="540" data-original-width="432" data-original-height="540" itemprop=" title="Christina-in-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="Woman on upper level of The cloister in the Monastery of Alcobaca, Portugal." style="width: 432px; height: 540px;"/ The second monastery to visit on our list was in the town Batalha, which is only 3o mins from Alcobaca by car. w=360&h=540&crop&ssl=1" width="360" height="540" data-original-width="360" data-original-height="540" itemprop=" title="Alleys-of-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="Vaulted ceilings of the corridor adjacent to the Royal Cloisters." style="width: 360px; height: 540px;"/ The impeccably manicured gardens. To reach the octagonal mausoleum, you must actually exit the Abbey. w=244&h=366&crop&ssl=1" width="244" height="366" data-original-width="244" data-original-height="366" itemprop=" title="C-flies-in-the-unfinished-chapels-in-Batalha" alt="Looking up at the open ceiling of the Unfinished Chapels in the Monastery of Batalha, Portugal." style="width: 244px; height: 366px;"/ The Unfinished Chapels of Batalha Monastery are in the shape of an octagon. This Knights Templar headquarters is on a hill and rises above its wooded surroundings. The 16-sided Templar church is sometimes called the Rotunda. The Convento do Cristo had no less than 5 cloisters. Concealed spiral staircases could be found in the corners of the Great Cloister leading to the Terrace of Wax. w=271&h=181&crop&ssl=1" width="271" height="181" data-original-width="271" data-original-height="181" itemprop=" title="Crow-Cloister-in-the-Knights-Templar-Castle-in-Tomar-Portugal" alt="Crow Cloister in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal." style="width: 271px; height: 181px;"/ The Cemetery Cloister in Convento do Cristo, Tomar, Portugal.

The monastery was commissioned by King Afonso, the first king of Portugal, in 1138AD to commemorate his victory of Santarem from Moorish control. The front entrance of the Monastery of Alcobaca in Alcobaca, Portugal. At 106 m in length and 23 m in width, it is very long. They were lovers who married in secret as Dom Pedro’s father, who was the ruling king at the time, thought that Ines would not be a good choice politically. I could clearly discern the Last Judgement scene at the foot of Ines’ tomb and the Wheel of Fortune at the head of Dom Pedro’s tomb. w=263&h=328&crop&ssl=1" width="263" height="328" data-original-width="263" data-original-height="328" itemprop=" title="Dining-room-in-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="The refectory or dining room of the monks in Alcobaca Monastery, Portugal." style="width: 263px; height: 328px;"/ Next, we headed to the Cloister of Silence. The Batalha Monastery (Mosterio de Santa Maria da Vitoria) really stands out amongst the modern town of Batalha. w=432&h=540&crop&ssl=1" width="432" height="540" data-original-width="432" data-original-height="540" itemprop=" title="Monastery-in-Batalha-Portugal-seen-through-the-alley-bars" alt="Incredible detailing at the Royal Cloisters. As with other aspects of this site, it is the Manueline additions, this time by Mateus Fernandes, that truly makes the site extravagant. Convento do Cristo is prominently situated on a hill that is hard to miss once you enter Tomar, Portugal. Inside was an octagonal altar similar in design to the Holy Sepulchre altar in Jerusalem. w=275&h=413&crop&ssl=1" width="275" height="413" data-original-width="275" data-original-height="413" itemprop=" title="Beautiful-ceiling-and-archways-in-Batalha-Portugal" alt="Circular altar of the Charola in the Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portgual." style="width: 275px; height: 413px;"/ Connected to the Charola by an archway is the Manueline Church. A striking feature is the ornate ribbed vaulting on the ceiling in the upper choir. w=309&h=386&crop&ssl=1" width="309" height="386" data-original-width="309" data-original-height="386" itemprop=" title="Detailed-exterior-of-the-Knights-Templar-church-in-Tomar-Portugal" alt="The Manueline Window of the Manueline Church in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal." style="width: 309px; height: 386px;"/ The Manueline church as viewed from the Great Cloister of the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal. The terrace was so named as it is where honeycombs were left to dry.