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It could also be that Kelly and Billy are trying to keep their romance off the radar because of tension on the GH set as reported last year by the Globe magazine that quoted ABC set insiders.

The story then was that hunky Billy Miller swept petite Kelly Monaco off her feet.

But will the offscreen romance mess up onscreen plots.

Will Kelly Monaco be uncomfortable watching Billy Miller film intimate scenes with Rebecca Herbst (Liz Webber)?

Fans of the soap may have been hoping for a real-life romance between those two, but Kelly Monaco says otherwise, even though the photos sure looks like a romance is blooming between them.

It said that the actors were not happy about this new romance between them off-set.

But instead of cast members being thrilled that Kelly is healing her heart, at long last, they’re jealous that Miller and Monaco will become a power couple offscreen as well as on – and will wield too much power and can fight for enhanced screen time, plots that are Jason and Sam centric and will hog the limelight.

After completing high school, she worked as a lifeguard at a local resort, Mount Airy Lodge.She goes by the name “Miss Blossom” and is a transgender woman that appeared on three episodes of Caitlyn Jenner’s E! This is the second time that photographs have surfaced of Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller out together.They were caught cuddling on a Malibu beach on July 4 of last year in positions that looked too close to be explained by a casual friendship.The romance blossomed from after-hours line reading and scene rehearsal and has since gotten much more serious.A General Hospital source told GLOBE that Billy swept her off her feet and Kelly is rapidly falling for the handsome hunk, so much so that friends see marriage in the cards for the duo.