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The driver can be seen crashing through a closed train gate, and barely makes it across the tracks before the speeding train passes by.

A juvenile gray whale was spotted extremely close to shore in Laguna Beach, California, before authorities were able to direct the beast out to sea.

You’ll see information about the doctors who serve your location; the ones with a green Connect button are available now.

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Known for her braggadocious and combative personality, the rowdy teen tells The Post that when it comes to the reported ,000 to ,000 she gets paid for public appearances, "It's not about the money.In order to legally possess medical marijuana, a patient must first obtain a valid recommendation from a State-licensed medical doctor.All evaluations by our State-licensed 420Recs doctors are in full compliance with the California Medical Association Guidelines regarding medical cannabis cards and the State of California’s Telehealth laws.Faithful fans have been tweeting their thanks for the opportunity to watch April.Tammy Swanger tweeted: “Watching the "little" dude gallop in circles has been bringing me so much joy.