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"I was a drill sergeant and she was a junior," Shontelle spills. They're like, 'Shontelle, you gave Rihanna push-ups? '" Hard to imagine, Riri getting her newly manicured nails or Jimmy Choos dirty...Shontelle Howard-Moss missed prom because she was pregnant with her son, Rayquan.RELATED: 20 Stunning Looks That Make Us Want To Do Prom All Over Again “It’s always been on my heart,” Rayquan told WSOC Charlotte. She didn’t get to go to her prom, so I made it a priority to take her to my prom.” Shontelle encouraged her son to take another teenager as his date, but he wouldn’t hear of it.The purpose of the LEGO® Education Teacher Award is to recognise innovative classroom teachers in Australia."I shared my experience in the creation of the Bundaberg Robotics and Coding Challenge that I organise and manage and is hosted at CQUni Bundaberg each year,” she said."I explained that the robotics challenge provides a showcase for student learning and an opportunity for teachers to network and form partnerships."I also shared my in-class experience using LEGO® Robotics and I explained my Masters study where my topic is coding and my focus question is about how children learn to code Ev3 LEGO® robotics.”Ms Lewis said during class time, students were taught how to problem solve using the Ev3 technology.