Changmin and sooyoung dating

Back in 2011, MC Kim Hee Chul on MBC "Radio Star" had stated, "SM Entertainment CEO Lee Soo Man had suggested in house dating.He had said that at least it would be more comfortable and easier to block if two people from the same agency were dating." Was it this statement that created all the SM artist dating rumors and scandals?I know it seems to be so delusional , But I love shipping idols.And as an SM stan, I like pairing among the SM artists, like 'super generation' or f(x)-Shinee and EXO-Red Velvet.

Imagine getting thrown into the world your parents were protecting you from, the moment you lose them.just to shut up the haters and the one who still believes that them dating is just a conspiracy theory of sm LONG LIVE BAEKYEON!i honestly wish baekhyun and taeyeon will get married in the future if they truly love each other. 1 I really hope they'll end up tying the knot because their kids will be soo cute I'm in a dilemma :'( I want my Yoongie with an SM star but I also don't want her to get bashed by fans :'( SM male stars often have aggressive fans who oppose shipping their oppas with a female one, so...It makes us upset when we see them in relationship, so they should respect our stance and try to hide.We get that they want to show how happy they are, but it’s really selfish of them since it affects their groups as well.