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Email Notifications are one of the ways Pay Pal merchants get to know about placed orders.But there are other notification methods which run in the background and whose power we can tap to get real time and accurate information about orders and customers.This is basically logging into your paypal account and enable IPN while specifying a url where the notification will be sent. The first thing I want to trouble shoot though is when the buyer pays the amount, he is automatically redirected to my site.This is used to complete an order so that the product can be shipped. I have created a table and whenever that page is called (or hit), it registers an entry in the table so I know a notification came from Paypal. I have enabled this but automatic redirection just does not work.Payment Data Transfer is getting the transaction data of the purchase that was made on paypal site and you want to fetch that on your own site and display to the user.Also you may want to store it in your database for archive and tracking purposes.

Everything works fine but after the payment, customer has been redirected in home page.Before I show you the C# codes for Paypal integration, you’ll need to understand what IPN and PDT are.IPN is a message service; when someone has made a payment to you, Paypal will send this message to your listener.PDT on the other hand happens when the user either clicks on the “Goc back to merchant website” link (your return url) or when the user is redirected to your website immediately after purchase.If for some reason or the other, the customer does not return to your website, you will receive no notification of a successful payment.