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stars Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies have been incredibly close friends since Nickelodeon brought them together years ago.

However, with their recent slew of Instagram photos, fans are wondering if they're dating.

Tori Vega: [in a thick New Jersey accent] Why don't you stop invading my personal space, and have a little of this raisin bran?

Aren't you havin' a fun time eatin' raisin brain together?

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Today was her first day and she was as nervous as ever thinking she wasn't good enough.

While the two besties could in fact be dating, we think they're just close friends.

They have similar senses of humor and seem to know the same people. Do you think Matt and Liz would make a cute couple?

There expressions make look like something out of view things.

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Who is beck off of victorious dating