Dating a cyber snooper

Not to be confused with snooping, which is the search through a significant other’s personal profiles and conversations (i.e. Creeping has become the norm, as we secretly get to know someone through cyber investigation.

In doing so, it offers a series of recommendations designed to further help mitigate these threats, drive up cyber resiliency and aid recovery plans should they be required.

It argues that complete engagement and partnership with private sector owner–operators of Critical National Infrastructure are vital to the success of the government's National Cyber Security Strategy.

It makes the case that for cyber resiliency to be fully effective, action is needed at national and global levels requiring states and private industry better to comprehend the threat environment and the risks facing Critical National Infrastructure from cyber attacks and those responsible for them.

the UK has rightly positioned itself as a leading digital nation.

"There are risks in legislating too early in this fast-moving area that can be as significant as the risks of legislating too late," the letter said.

Dating a cyber snooper