Dating emotionally disturbed women

“This young man killed her, he should be in jail,” Danner’s cousin, Wallace Cooke, Jr. Cooke says the indictment could not come soon enough against Barry, who is accused of shooting and killing his cousin.

“All he had to do was close the damn door and walk away but he wanted to show his manhood using his pistol on her,” Cooke said.

Women sited various reasons for ignoring red flags which included societal training that women should be polite, gender differences that taught them that women are to be hyper-tolerant to less than appealing male behavior, and female role modeling in their childhoods where women in their families tolerated dangerous male behavior, renamed the behavior to something less threatening, and then stayed.

Overtly lacking in today’s women’s programs are the outright names of dangerous diagnosis, the labeling of specific dangerous behaviors, and the teaching of why dangerousness is not something that can be treated, more less cured.

Most women cannot site any elements that make a man ‘incurable.’ They don’t understand that the issue of dangerousness is based on a person’s inability to grow or change.

The many early collegiate marriages in which young wives today contribute to the family income if, indeed, they do not pay for most of their husbands' graduate tuition would belie any such notion.

Whether they are gainfully employed or not, however, or whether or not they have decided to go to graduate school and perhaps prepare themselves for one of the professions architecture, business, city planning, engineering, medicine, the ministry, law, scientific research, social work, teaching, or others (all are now open to women) they usually are interested, first and foremost, in finding a mate. They often spend a good deal of their time and energy in trying to conceal it from themselves and from others.