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If a backup solution is in place, such as Crash Plan, it's possible to restore the previous user-keychain and follow the instructions above (Continue Log In), to recover the lost credentials.

Selecting "Update Keychain Password" and entering the previous password to unlock the keychain, will result in the OS updating the login password accordingly so that services continue to work as expected. If email is tied to the same directory credentials, or if server volumes are set to mount at login (single sign-on excluded), the new password must be entered again to gain access.

If a network or mobile account password is changed by an administrator, or if the password expires as part of a directory security policy, the keychain must be updated upon next login.

In most cases the OS will prompt the user with the message "The system was unable to unlock your login keychain", followed by these options…

This affects your store connection to Ship Station, because the Volusion admin username and password is encrypted into the Volusion API URL.

If you change your Volusion admin password, you must also generate a new API URL, then reconfigure your Volusion store in Ship Station to clear the error.

For your Volusion store, you may get an error that states: "Please update your username and password for Volusion in Ship Station" For security reasons, Volusion requires that all admins update their password every 90 days.

Please make sure you're selecting Sign In instead of Sign Up, when trying to log into your account.

If you continue to receive this error after checking this, you can do 1 of 2 things: 1- Use the Forgot Password feature.

i have the same problem, and find the answer from this link Password try this code: mount -rw -o remount / hope this helpfull.. If you are sure that you inserted the correct one, this error might also show up if you are using shadowed password files and the shadow doesn’t have an entry for this user ([email protected] no. This is only when you want to fsck the disk for some problems not booting correctly or other issues.

By default Ubuntu Server/Desktop should boot with root in Read/Write mode.