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She also confessed that she does not ‘understand’ the concept of dating. Upon this she said that rather than dating, she naturally ends up meeting people through common buddies and then that progresses into relationship.Take this simple test, and find out if it’s time to break out the wallet and pony up! I think of myself as a 10, and therefore I deserve a 10. I’m looking for fun, and whether or not I'm much fun isn't the issue. Priyanka Chopra has been winning hearts of her fans not only in India but all over the globe!Tearing up Instagram and having a 2018 calendar in the works, Patrizia has amassed over 1.3 million followers thanks to her incredibly sexy pictures, making us wonder if she really is the perfect woman?In addition to all those pics, though, Yanguela is diehard into fitness, too — which makes sense since, you know, she gets paid to look so good for a living.