Who is john amaechi dating

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John Amaechi's voice came resolutely down the phone line from New York. He is not the first gay man in professional American sports to come out, but he is one of the first, and the sensation in the past week has been huge, controversial and shocking.

Amaechi started his basketball career at the age of 17 and was enrolled in the St.He returned to America aged 17 as a high-school student.He went on to become the first athlete in any of America’s major league sports to admit openly that he was gay.He played a total of 28 games for the Cleveland Cavaliers and then played for the total of two years in Europe. He then started his NBA career in America but turned down a 17 million contract offer from the Los Angeles Lakers. His jersey number was 13 and he has authored a book too.Upon retirement from NBA he represented England in the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and then embarked upon in a career as a broadcaster, academic and consultant.